So I decided to pretend to be cool and start one of these live journals. What do you write in these anyway?

It’s been a whole week since I got back from Israel. YEAH group 4. I really miss that whole thing. Poland really sucked though. But Israel–achla, chaval al hazman. Such a small country, such a small group of people…had such a big impact on me.

If you think you’re going to a good college, just talk to Dan Macsai, he’ll straighten you out. Because for sure, unless you’re going to schools 1-11, Northwestern is better ranked than your school.

My rabbi told me tonight that I should start thinking about rabbinical school. Ummmm….


7 thoughts on “1

  1. yes…dan is definitely the best college info source out there. especially when it comes to rankings that are less than northwestern. i spent a good chunk of time on the phone questioning him about various schools and getting the down low. quite interesting…more people should try it. hehe.

    see you next week

  2. danny, you’re an ass. hi, lia. i thought i’d invade your LJ since you’re on danny mac’s friends list. and no one should listen to dan’s college advice. they should listen to MY college advice which centers around Northwestern sucking.

  3. actually, you should all listen to MY college advice and get a true liberal education at st. john’s, where you’ll be rendered completely useless to society AND be granted a license to ostracize all your former friends because they haven’t read ptolemy in original text. or, you could just go somewhere else.

    hi, lia. see you tuesday.


  4. “Bryn Mawr had done what a four-year dose of liberal education was designed to do: unfit her for eighty percent of the useful work of the world.”

    how i adore song of solomon.


  5. sorry dan, you know you have to teach me. doesn’t help when it’s one or so in the morning. but nonetheless (there, one word, HAPPY?) you must educate this ignorant mind on lowdowns, down lows, vaginal discharge, etc. i can’t believe i just wrote that. *sigh*

  6. OMG LIA!!! hahahhahahah the very first blog episode!!! I couldn’t resist commenting. How far you have come. “What do you write in these anyway?”

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