cleaning for the cleaning lady

I had to clean my room tonight. Not because I don’t want it messy after I come home from Camp CHUSY next week. But because the cleaning lady is coming tomorrow. The CLEANING LADY is coming TOMORROW. My mom forced me to clean my room tonight before the cleaning lady gets there tomorrow. What are we paying her for??

It’s too bad that I won’t be able to hang out with her tomorrow–I actually know some Polish now! I could say “Djen dobreh!” (“Good morning!”) or “Prosheh!” (“Please!”) or “Lody!” (“Ice cream!”). We could reminisce about the different graffiti marks and smells that make up Poland. I wonder if she ever used zlotties for firewood. I know I would.

Maybe she’s friends with the Lot flight attendant who woke me up on the plane when it was time for breakfast. Or maybe she’s friends with the man at the mall who freaked out when we sat on the floor. Yeah, it’s a pretty friendly country, so I bet they are all friends.


3 thoughts on “cleaning for the cleaning lady

  1. Oh, right…I haven’t seen you for a whole week and I was with people who were actually nice, so I kinda forgot how to be mean. Oooh, now I remember…ASS!!! hahahhaha

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