School has started. My last best summer ever is over. (Every summer for about the last seven years has been better than the last. For some reason, I don’t think that working next summer will top Israel or Wheels, or even camp.)

My classes look hard. But I have a feeling I’m going to have early onset Senioritis. But not because I’m lazy or I don’t want to do the work…but because I’ll be so busy with USY and West Word.

Yes, I’ll be missing about 15 days of school this year for Jewish holidays and USY conventions. WOW.

In Euro, there’s a big map of Europe and some surrounding areas. There’s no Israel on the map though. It says Palestine. Ummmm.

I forgot how much chemistry there is in bio. Booooooooo.

It’s weird that every single person in the school is younger than us.

Senior year. Well then.


13 thoughts on “School…grrr

  1. Theres not THAT much chem in AP bio. The test suck ass though but it was fun preparing for them because I met with two other girls at Barnes and Noble and jsut realized how screwed we were. I ended up getting credit for two bio classes though so its all good. Whos your teacher?

  2. Senioritis started second semester of 8th grade for me.
    Since then, I have slipped into a routine of ‘getting by.’
    Eh, I’ll do better next semester.

    Speaking of which, you should totally confront your Euro teacher. Or set his house on fire.

  3. there’s no israel on your euro map? clearly, niles west is antisemetic. you should write a melodramatic column about it.

  4. Set his house on fire, eh? LOL. It’s funny because his name is Mr. Schwarz. Not Schwartz, Schwarz. That’s like saying “My family used to be Jewish, but we’re not anymore, and I’ll make that clear by the unusual spelling of my name.”

    My school probably started in the ’60s…why would they buy a map that was made at least in the ’40s?? That’s so bizarre. I’ll have to check the copyright date on the map. And then, raise hell.

  5. Our school was a PWA project, but we still dont’ have maps with “Palestine” on it.
    Or any other bullshit countries
    Check the map to see if it has Czechoslovakia or the USSR.
    And then burn his namesake down too.

  6. yes, lia. i definitely think we should, to ensure that the students of district 219 receive an objective and intellectual education in the subtleties of the history of western civilization, change the already arbitrary labels on all of our diagrams of past political boundaries to represent the present-day interests of one socio-religio-political group. just to be safe, we should selectively edit books and lectures, too; and just to make sure there are no dissenters left we’ll execute everyone who uses the words palestine and nation on the same day. now, i’m about as pro-israel as any average schmuck (pun intended), but really, just suck it up. my most sincere apologies for the bitchiness; i’m kind of tired.

  7. Gleicher’s class was one of the best I took in high school. Just suck it up and do the work. Plus, she’s the nicest person ever without being annoying and syrupy, and she bakes really good cookies.

  8. Schwarz denies any Jewish ancestry. He’s Catholic. I asked. Repeatedly. But, he’s pretty conservative too (although, if you ask, he’ll say he votes Democrat but Churchill is his hero), so I think he probably sympathizes with Israel. Anyway, the class doesn’t cover Israel, so don’t be too concerned. And PS, Becky’s right. Schwarz is a god.

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