Where did my weird phrases come from?

When I write a paper in English class, I am required by the Academic Honesty policy to cite the ideas or words that aren’t my own.

Shouldn’t I have to do this in real life too?

I’m noticing that lately I’m using a lot of phrases/words that I picked up from other people. It’s kind of funny. I feel like I should give some of these people credit–cite them for giving me their words.

(For some, I’m not sure who I got the phrases from. If it’s you, let me know.)

“I feel like”–Michelle L?
“Can we talk about…”–Michelle L?
“Foreal”–Caroline L
“Oh man”–Nathan
“&*%#&@”–probably Nathan
“I’m not gonna lie”–who did this originate with? (And I haven’t started saying it yet, but I’m sure I will soon.)
“What’s the deal with…?”–definately Jerry Seinfeld
“OMG” (as in saying the letters O, M, G)–Tanya Spektor, a long time ago
“Sexy kavanah”–Elyse
“Spooning”–Hannah Heller? Rachel Hilker?
Haha, I’m sure there are plenty more.


7 thoughts on “Where did my weird phrases come from?

  1. Lia you are the coolest! I miss you! I’m a regional board wannabe/reject so I was at Board Weekend in spirit, and I saw you there! Except not really. I told Sarah to say hi to you! Guess what….IC in 3 and a half months, and we’re SENIORS!


  2. I like how I got credit for &*%#&@, even though I’ve never said that before…
    How do you pronounce that anyways?

  3. Hey I know this has nothing to do with your entry, but hi, it’s Monique, the internetless wonder thanks to the crappiest network in college USA. I knew I should have studied harder and gotten a full ride to Harvard. Sure, I’d be miserable, but I would have internet! Ask your techie friends why my Trillian works and not my internet explorer.

  4. i think implementing a system of citation during everyday conversation is genius. we should give it a shot. all we need is a specific format to use, and when some unfortunate ignorant uses a wrong (though perfectly comprehensible) method of communicating the original author/speaker we shall mercilessly cut them off and prevent them from finishing their sentence. and perhaps not ever let them speak again. that would definitely teach people to communicate ideas. this system would be an overbearing part of speech, since really any idea expressed by anyone has probably been previously expressed. i learned this at the tender age of 4 or 5, when my brother came up with a joke that we both thought was perfectly genius and unique, and then the next day he discovered-while eating a popsicle- that some bastard had already spread “his” joke to thousands of sugar-addicts around the globe. it was unbelievably depressing, but taught me an important lesson: creativity does not exist.

    therefore, everything we say AND do should be cited.


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