What? Lia went to a USY convention?

Every day, it’s always, “Yeah, I just got back from [insert USY convention here].” But I love it. I don’t know how I’d get through high school without my USYers.

So this weekend (LTI = Leadership Training Institute), I played football during Shabbat free time with the sophomore boys. And by “played football,” I mean we threw it around and didn’t actually keep score or run or anything like that. If I may say so myself, I am quite good at football. I threw perfect spirals, and I seemed to always be able to catch the balls. The boys were very impressed. See, it’s one of those times when if you play with people at your own skill level or lower (meaning boys two years younger than me), it makes you look a lot better than you actually are. It was great.

And if any of you were at Camp CHUSY but not LTI, I’ll give you the “hey ba-ba-re-bop” that we (the girls) came up with: “Hey ba-ba-re-bop, oh ba-ba-re-bop, I wish that all the men were pieces of chicken, and then I’d COOK THEM FOR SHABBOS DINNER AND EAT THEM!” Hahahahahaha.


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