Chauceriana–about Michael Lehrer

I wrote a poem for English in Chaucer’s style. We had to do a character sketch, so I wrote it about my brother. He requested that I post it here, so I will.

Notice the rhyming coupleted iambic pentameter. But don’t worry, this is by no means as long as any of the Canterbury Tales.

There is a guy with whom I truly love
To spend my time and not to push or shove.
He’s Michael, he’s my brother—older sib,
My good friend since we both slept in the crib.
Brown hair, brown eyes, he looks just like the rest
Of us, our Lehrer features are the best.
He spends his time at college—Northwestern,
Where he enjoys to have fun and to learn.
His talents are in econ and in math;
He’ll be successful, whatever his path.
In marching band, he plays the saxophone—
Just listen to his resonance and tone
In every song he plays at every game.
He loves the fun and music all the same.
When I need help with homework, he’s around;
I know, with him, the answer will be found.
When it comes to computers, he knows all
About them, whether they are big or small.
The Internet, a second home for him,
Is where he’d rather be than at the gym.
His friends all like him and they think he’s cool,
A great person to have around at school.
He won’t admit that he procrastinates,
But it’s one of his less-than-perfect traits.
When his work is complete, it is, however
A way for us to know that he is clever.
Because he spent his time playing with me,
I throw a football very naturally.
He’s funny, telling jokes just like Seinfeld
In humor, we knew that he had excelled.
His TV shows are mostly all sci-fi:
When Star Trek’s on, he will not blink an eye.
Between the shows, he finds the time to see
His loving teachers, friends, and family.
But sometimes, arguments between us come,
(And naturally, you’d think that there’d be some):
We fight about who gets to drive the car
Or which of us is loved the most by our
Parents, who claim to love us equally.
(But don’t tell Michael, we all know it’s me!)
I love the time I spend with my big brother
He is my favorite, I’d have no other.
I’d like to thank him for his helpfulness—
Advice and words of wisdom are the best.
My brother is a friend I’ll always know—
He’s there for me, whatever place I go.
And now, farewell, I think I’m out of time
I do not have to think of one more rhyme!


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