The last of the pre-application college visits

I just got back from Emory–the last of the college visits before I send in applications. My current list is, as it stands (in no particular order): Emory, Wash U, Northwestern, Tufts, UPenn, Brandeis, U of I, and Madison.

I liked Emory a lot. Of course, it’s in Atlanta, which is definitely the South. The Southerners are really proud of their Southern-ness:

Waitress at restaurant: “Are you enjoying this Southern hospitality?”

Me: “We’re from Chicago.”
Ben & Jerry’s worker: “Oh, is it cold there now?”

My dad and I visited the CNN headquarters Sunday night–we got to see them recording CNN Headline News and all that stuff. I had never really thought about broadcast journalism, but that’s something that could be really exciting to do.

Our tour guide was an old friend of our family’s who used to be in our carpool before he moved to Boston. It was really cool seeing him.

Emory was really pretty–all the buildings looked brand new, the weather was nice.

Emory Focus Session leader with a Stevenovick-esque DC accent: “If you apply to Emory Early Decision, it’s legally binding–you are legally required to come here if you get in.”
Girl in the back who’s probably from the South and probably won’t get into Emory anyway: “Really? It’s binding? I wish I had known that before I applied.”

The stats say that Emory is 38% from the southeast (probably mostly Florida), 23% Mid-Atlantic, 11% Midwest, 9% New England, 9% West, 6% Southwest, and 4% International. I would be in the minority if I went there, being from Chicago. That’s so weird.

I would not, really, be in the minority religion-wise. It’s about 1/3 Jewish (reported)–the number is probably bigger.

I’m sort of surprised that more people I’m friends with who are considering schools like Wash U aren’t thinking about Emory. If you have lower test scores than me, apply! (If not, don’t ruin my chances!)


4 thoughts on “The last of the pre-application college visits

  1. Yup, it was “the Silverman.”

    And yeah, I’m just as surprised about being a senior. I’m not old enough. I don’t have time to be a senior. I don’t want to apply to college. Though I wouldn’t mind leaving high school…

  2. Thanks, I’ll need all the luck I can get. It sounds like you’re having an awesome time at Madison. I’m so jealous, I want to go to college.

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