Nathan’s theory–the FS

I’ve always wanted to post Nathan’s super-cool theory. Enjoy:

“There are, in my opinion, four groups of people.

1) Intelligentsia, viz. those who display qualities of intelligence or ingenuity, ergo one who is ‘gifted’ or ‘endowed’ with genius.
2) Mediocrity, namely the mass population. If one is not in another group, one is ‘normal.’
3) Quiet Stupid, or those who are not too smart, but at least shut up about it.
4) FS or Flagrantly Stupid, or those who are ridiculously stupid and can’t seem to not project the stupidity onto others. These people are more of a black hole of intelligence, sucking the intelligence and will to live of those around them.

There is also a subgroup, which could fit into any of the other groups. Crazy People who are usually intelligent, but may not be. These are the non-conformists (not goths… they are FS) and the psychos, many of whom end up in high-powered positions, or in jail.” -Nathan

I think this really explains a lot of people.

(BTW, did you notice?? I gave myself a picture!!! Finally!!)


4 thoughts on “Nathan’s theory–the FS

  1. Jawesome!
    I’m superbly enthused to see others embrace my theories…
    Now if only someone else would latch onto Rhythmic Syllogism

  2. I definitely agree. I can think of countless Flagrantly Stupid people, one of whom sits next to me in calculus. Hmmmm…. maybe that’s why I got 60% on the last test….

  3. Did you copy from the FS person??? I don’t know…I might place THAT in the FS category! Here’s a rule of thumb: don’t copy from other people. Here’s a better rule: don’t copy from STUPID PEOPLE!!

  4. But I didn’t! I failed all by myself, thank you very much. Failing is definitely an interesting experience, though. It makes you realize how little school matters.

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