I hate shopping!

I went shopping last night with Shaina. Not because I thought it would be fun (though it was good hanging out with her), but because I really need clothes. You know your life is sad when you’re so busy you don’t even have enough time to buy clothes.

In the few rare occasions that I do go shopping, I don’t find very much that I like. I hate most of the stuff the stores are showing. It’s not my fault. I used to like what the stores had to offer. But then all of a sudden, the clothes just got really ugly. I don’t like frilly things, I don’t like pink, I don’t like skirts that go above my knee. I don’t like shirts that say “Abercrombie” or “Juicy” or any of those super-expensive brands.

It’s not my fault I can’t find clothes, and therefore must resort to wearing my beloved USY shirts–it’s the stores’ faults!

Maybe the styles just changed and I haven’t changed along with them.

I should really go back to Israel. They had some great skirts there.


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