Now THIS is will power

The past few nights, I’ve been sort of completely wasting my nights chatting online. Of course, the time is not REALLY wasted–I do love talking to all of you. Reading people’s away messages and profiles also enhances my life, and I do feel especially witty when I come up with some good ones.

Last night, my only real homework was math, and I decided that it would be much more enjoyable to do it while being online. As you might guess, it took me about four hours to do that one math assignment.

So I decided that tonight I would not go online at all and see how much I can get done. I couldn’t prevent myself from checking e-mail, though (I’ve probably refreshed my e-mail 30 times tonight). But I did manage to not sign on to AOL or AIM for an entire night, and hopefully I’ll go to bed soon.

Without AIM for the night, here’s what I was able to accomplish:
-Israeli club party after school (watched “Mean Girls”)
-Went to Barnes and Noble to buy book for Euro
-Researched for Bio project
-Wrote an article for USY
-Microwaved leftovers for dinner (mmmm, kosher fried chicken)
-Called Elena (from Florida–Wheels)
-Watched ER (when was the last time I sat down and watched TV???)
-Talked to Josh Goldberg (another Wheelnik, from Canada) on the phone for an hour and a half
-Update Livejournal
-Hopefully continue on my path to learning Front Page and how to make a website


I sort of miss my IMs though.


3 thoughts on “Now THIS is will power

  1. Well, congrats…you’ve discovered life’s secret that you’ll be much more productive without the internet and its popular applications of the world wide web and messenger software.

    As far what you got accomplished, watching TV is good, but since when have you ever watched ER?

    There, I posted. Happy now?

    Michael (“The brother”)

  2. I don’t really ever watch ER, but there really wasn’t anything better on at 8:30 on a Thursday night. Well, I guess I could have watched one of the oh-so-exciting HGTV shows, but Mom was actually watching ER too.

  3. That explains it!
    Wow, I never really realized what happened to all my productivity I used to have.
    Or the unexplained decline in general worldwide efficiency since the introduction of the internet…

    What we lose in aim, we gain back with ROBOTS!

    [o o]
    +|- -|+
    +|- _ -|+
    / | | \
    | | | |
    +++ +++

    That’s my robot. He’ll save my productivity.
    Well, I must depart now, Shabbat starts in 8 minutes.


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