Webmaster Lia?

I made a website! I’m really excited. Now I (more or less) know (the rudiments of) FrontPage, and it is SO much fun. I think I might have a new hobby.

I had to make a website for bio about a chromosome. Everyone else in my class had to use stupid sites like freeservers.com and tripod.com, but I’m cool enough to be able to use my very own (my dad’s) lehrercommunications.com–so everyone else had annoying pop-up ads, and they were complaining that they didn’t know how to change the format. Well, they all have advantages when we’re doing trials and their lawyer dads can help them, or when their doctor moms can treat their sicknesses. For me, I get a marketing dad who can make websites like none other. And now it has finally come in handy.

If you’d like to visit my beautiful website devoted to the ever-exciting fifth chromosome, visit http://www.lehrercommunications.com/chrom5.


One thought on “Webmaster Lia?

  1. i have to admit you were pretty lucky since my entire website deleted on me. yes i was the loser that had to unfortunately use a dumb website (freeservers.com) for my project. dont we all wish we had website connections, like a sheikhcommunications.com?? wow i think im turning into ee cummings with my lowercase and bad punctuation…too much poetry brainwashed into my mind…


    p.s. your blog just told me to confirm that i am a human!

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