TiVo…what next??

Life in the Lehrer household will no longer be the same.

We used to watch TV fairly often. We would make a point of watching our collective or individual shows: the West Wing, Seinfeld, Simpsons, Desperate Housewives, HGTV, Countdown, or whatever. If they were on TV and the TV was on, we’d watch.

Occasionally, the TV would be on but none of our favorite shows would be. We would use this time to go online, read a book, do the dishes, or–heaven forbid–talk to each other.

Now, after months of my dad researching, we finally bought a TiVo. I still don’t fully understand it, but supposedly, we’ll be able to pause live TV, skip live commercials, and tape shows with greater ease.

So now it will be easier for us to watch those shows that we never get to watch because a) we forgot to tape them or b) the tape is just laying around the house somewhere unlabeled.

This is a huge problem. My schedule is pretty packed right now as it is. Currently, I don’t watch TV (yes, I know that’s a problem also). But with this new TiVo, I just might have to make time for TV. Something will have to give.


What do you think?

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