All done?

The college applications…I almost feel like if I say it, it won’t actually be true…are FINISHED!!!!!!!! I ended up applying to eight schools total. And I loved every minute of every application. (And by “loved,” I mean…)

The International Convention festivities have also come to a close. Some parts were great fun, some parts were not. Some friends won their elections, others did not. Sometimes I wanted to sleep in a couple extra hours. Actually, most of the time.

2004 is also over. Some highlights of my year: 8th grade Shabbaton, a 5 on AP English, being elected to CHUSY SA/TO VP, becoming editor in chief of West Word, Northside prom, ISRAEL, starting senior year, getting accepted into both U of I and Madison, an amazing pre-convention with Californians, seeing friends from all over the country at IC, and finally finishing applications. Sounds like a pretty stressful year. It was.

Winter break ends tomorrow. It’s sad, because I really needed a long, relaxing, stress-free, I’m-going-to-get-some-work-done, seeing friends-ful, shopping-ful, nap-ful, vacation–but that didn’t really happen. A lot of parts were really fun and exciting, but I never felt fully relaxed.

I did watch Office Space tonight after a nice dinner at Flat Top. It almost MADE my winter break.


3 thoughts on “All done?

  1. Right behind Napolean Dynomite, Office Space was perhaps one of the stupidest movies i have ever seen. I am now stupider for seeing that movie!

  2. Yeah, that’s evident by your use of the word “stupider.”

    Opinions are never wrong, but this time, yours is. Office Space is NOT stupid. It is hilarious. Maybe you just didn’t understand it.

    And, um, excuse me, um, I believe you have my stapler…

  3. Also Stevenovick, I now regret voting for you.
    What do you mean by saying that the two stupidest movies you’ve seen are Napoleon Dynamite (DynAmite, not DynOmite…) and Office Space?

    Are you kidding? Those are two of the best movies I have ever seen.

    Also, I’ve decided that FS people hate Napoleon Dynamite. Perhaps you’re hiding something?


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