Snow thank you

We had a fire drill this morning. Not only was it freezing outside, though; it was snowing! Some people were wearing t-shirts, so we huddled together. Luckily, it didn’t last too long.

I was thinking about my friends I hung out with last week from California, Arizona, and Texas. They would have cried during this fire drill.

During pre-convention, we went to the Aquarium with the Californians we were hosting from New Frontier USY. After a very exciting and educational look at fish tanks, we went outside, where the Californians discovered small patches of snow–you know, the leftover snow that doesn’t really mean anything. They were SO excited. “OMG! It’s snow! I’ve never seen snow before!” So they picked up the snow with their bare hands and had snowball fights. It was crazy.

I explained to one of them what a salt truck was. “You mean salt melts snow?” Alex Damron (for those of you who know him) said. It was pretty funny.

Then, Saturday night, I was cleaning off my car outside the synagogue with a snow brush. Three Californians (including Alex and one of their staff members [who staffed Group 8 this summer]) came up to me.
“Do you just keep that thing in your car?” they asked.
“Yeah…it’s called a ‘snow brush.'”
“NO WAY! Really? How does it work?”
“Well, you use the squeegie side to wipe off snow, the brush to dust off light snow, and then if you flip it to the other side, you can use the scraper to get rid of ice.”
“That’s awesome! Can I try?”

So I let them snow brush my car. They took pictures of themselves doing it, and had a great time.

If only you Texans, Arizonians, and Californians were here now–maybe you’d like to shovel our driveway.


5 thoughts on “Snow thank you

  1. While reading/hearing your story about the snow brush for perhaps the seventh time, I decided I’d solve your shoveling problem, and I have formulated an invention.

    You know a leaf-blower? In the winter (I guess in the fall in Chicago) leaves begin falling off of trees, and they make quite a clutter. Right now, they are all over the streets in my neighborhood. Anyways, we use this thing with a big motor to blow air really fast, to move the leaves into the neighbor’s lawn. So, here’s my idea. What if (ah ah!) you use a leaf-blower on the snow, to melt it? Whoa, I’m a genius. Try it out, and tell me what the results are. If it’s good, I’m calling the patent office.

  2. Hey, it’s Monique (I can’t remember whether I’ve commented yet?), from band, whoo. No I’m not stalking you, you’re just on my friends list, jeeeez. And I am SO SORRY about the fire drill. I was out in a car today (not driving, thankfully) and I was afraid for my life. Being out there without a coat is grounds for a lawsuit.

  3. Are you serious??

    Let me rephrase that…are you SERIOUS?

    LOL, you obviously live in Texas. Snow-blowers already do exist. My neighbor was using one this morning. I’m just not cool enough to have one. You drive it just like a leaf-blower, but it shoots snow to the side of the road/driveway.

  4. Hey Monique!! FYI, you’re on my friends list too, and I think I’ve also been silently stalking you without commenting. SO…how’s life?

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