Computer talk

It seems like every time I talk to my very computer-knowledgeable friends (and I have quite a few of them), I realize how much I don’t know about computers.

Stevenovick told me today that he set up his e-mail to get a notification every time I update my journal. Now THAT is cool. And then he said that there’s another way to do that using Mozila Firefox (which this computer supposedly has, but I don’t see much of a difference yet between that and Internet Explorer). If you want something like that for you, talk to Stevenovick.

Sometimes I wish I watched TV. We got TiVo a while ago, and I guess you can e-mail the TiVo from anywhere and have it record a program for you. No more “Oh no, I forgot to tape Supermarket Sweep!” I almost want to record something from outside the house just to say I did. Too bad I never watch TV.


4 thoughts on “Computer talk

  1. It’s called RSS. And i’m in too much pain right now to explain it. It can be done with Mozilla firefox (browser) or mozilla thunderbird (email program).

  2. Oh it’s for sure one word. There is no “Steven Novick.” It’s just “Stevenovick.” Nathan pronounces it in like one breath (“Stvnvck”), but I usually say “Ste-ven-oh-vick.” I say “Hi Stevenovick!” to him. But then, when I call his house (this is why I don’t like calling his house), I have to say “Hi, is Steven there?” because if I asked for “Stevenovick,” his parents would probably freak out.

  3. Understandably. I used to be one name too. It was JAMIEREEEEICH. Doesn’t flow as well, I know, but we can’t all be lucky.
    –Jamie. Reich. (just to differentiate)

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