Finally, a stress-free weekend

What an awesome weekend I just had (“ahhhsome”). It’s amazing how much fun you can have when there’s no stress from school and homework!

A summary:

Spanglish: Really cute. It almost made me like Adam Sandler.
Coach Carter: I loved this!!! It was so great, and it made me feel so happy.
The Frisco Kid: Haha. A movie about the classic Jewish concept of taking a Jew and taking him out of context. Pretty funny.

-Flat Top (I LOVE this place)
-Cheesecake Factory
(Plus, Kiddush at shul, and a nice Shabbat dinner with my family.)

CDs I BOUGHT (I had a nice gift card to Barnes and Noble)
The Best of Eric Clapton: The Millenium Collection (“LAYLA!”)
Queen on Fire: Live at the Bowl
-Paul McCartney: Wingspan
-Soundtrack from I Am Sam (it’s 100% Beatles covers)

CLOTHES I GOT (with another gift card): skirt, jeans, shirts

Lots of fun phone calls (including a three-way call with Daniel and Nathan).

Random fact: Ellie’s mom’s car has heated seats. Mmmmmm.

I also watched Super Nanny on TV. Wow. What a weird show.

Did you notice all the
italics, etc? That’s html, baby.


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