The best 15 minutes of the day

With only four sporadic free mods (15-minute slots of time) during my day, it is important to make the best use of each minute.

Mod 5 is great for snacks and last-minute Bio work, mod 17 is for lunch / counselor visits, and mod 22 is for last-minute English work (all of these breaks take place in the cafe).

Mod 10 has always been an issue. We’ve tried:
-Hanging out by our hallway area (closed halls…got in trouble)
-Going to the Writing Center (boring; too far away)
-Hanging on that bench by the drafting rooms (also closed halls)
-Sitting in our “corner” against the walls (that works, but it takes a while to get there from the third floor)
-And, most recently: the colorful area in the middle of the science wing hallway. It works pretty nicely, especially for Euro and math homework, and socializing and snacking.

But now, Syema and I have found the ultimate solution to the question of what to do with mod 10.

We take a 15-minute nap.

Yes. A 15-minute nap. We’re already exhausted from the day, especially when we stayed up late the night before (which is always). We get in a mini nap during bio lectures, and later in the day, during a Euro movie.

But this mod 10 nap is incredibly refreshing. We lay down on the big yellow funny-shaped bench/chair, and just sleep. People walking down the halls give us weird looks, but we don’t care. It’s relatively quiet, and after a nice nap, the bell serves as our alarm clock.

If this is possible for any of you, I highly recommend it.


11 thoughts on “The best 15 minutes of the day

  1. If we had a system similar to that, I’d compile as many mods together as possible and maximize the nap time.
    I’d even bring one of those ‘mats’ that we used to use in Kindergarten.

  2. See, ideally I would compile those mods. That’s what I thought my schedule would be like this year, with at least a 3-mod lunch. But no, the scheduling gods did not shine favorably upon me. Those mods must be where they are.

    Even better than a mid-day lunch would be to have four free mods at the end of the day, thus getting out of school an hour early (1:30), and napping in my bed. If only…

  3. I’ll have one (1) off-period next year. Which means I’ll get out at 2:05 every other day, instead of 3:42.


  4. Yay for naps! Seriously I bet those weird looks by those kids in the hallway are out of jealousy…they just wish they were cool enough to sleep in the middle of a hallway too…

    syema 🙂

  5. lol that would’ve been nice to get out early. Sophomore year I was able to do that. I could leave school 26-28 but NO, I still had to wait around to go to soccer practice -.- POOT

    But man, my last semester senior year, I had like an hour and a hlaf lunch and 2 study halls…I had NOTHING to do.

  6. lol…sometimes it was me and sometimes it was you, but MOST of the time it was Bowen!! 😀 AH the clarinet section how I miss thee. You know what’s weird? I actually miss playing in band and playing with you guys.

  7. Aaah! Band! I miss it so much. Yesterday my friend was telling me about her friend who had “mysogynist Thursdays” and I totally thought of band and its Thursday references. I can’t believe it’s been a year since we all went to Florida!

  8. Yea that was definately a lot of fun…plus I’m sick of cold weather and thinkin bout it makes me miss the nice hot weather that was in Orlando. *sigh*

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