College update

I got into Emory!


8 thoughts on “College update

  1. I’m not so sure…the numbers all kinda blur together after a while. I sometimes told people that it was one of my top choices, but now I’m not sure. Northwestern might be rising again, but ask me again tomorrow and it might be at the bottom again. The future is so unclear…

  2. Can we start voting on Lia’s future now?

    Because I definitely vote Northwestern. Emory is a JAP resort. Northwestern is at least only half resort and half actual school. It’s like the best of both worlds…or, just fewer JAPs.


  3. Ok everyone, thank you for your input. I still have to wait on two more schools plus a little financial info, but then, trust me, I hold a big vote. For now, think about my future a little, but save it for the final vote.

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