At a concert…

Last night, at the David Broza concert, he sang one of those slow songs. You know, the soulful kind, where you want to just grab your lighter and wave it in the air. Instead of doing that, though, about a third of the auditorium grabbed their cell phones, opened them so they lit up, and waved them around.

I worry for the future of our planet.


3 thoughts on “At a concert…

  1. 1. Where have you been for the last several years? People do that at every concert.
    2. The next time your hair catches on fire, you’ll wish the idiot behind you had a cell phone.
    3. Why do people want to light up a sad song anyway? I didn’t go to a concert to see your cell phone or lighter. I came to see the singer.
    4. And that brings me to something else. Why do some singers insist on staying quiet during part of their song so that the audience has to fill in that part? I don’t want to hear the audience. I want to hear the singer, dammit.

  2. Haha true (to all of that).

    What also bugs me is when singers (like David Broza) talk and talk and talk between the songs. I don’t need to go to a concert to hear talking. I could just sit next to Nathan or something. Sing, singer!!

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