The tire is flat…so push in! (any music people out there?)

Of course, this happens during the 24 hours that my parents are out of town.

I slept over at Molly’s house last night so I wouldn’t be alone for a whole night (yeah, my parents worry like that). I pulled up to Molly’s at around 9:30 p.m., and got out of the car.

About to open the back door to get my stuff, I heard a hissing noise coming from the back left tire.

“Hissssssssssssssss,” said the tire.

“Hmm,” I thought. “Tires don’t usually make hissing noises.”

Just as I suspected, the tire was flat (well, flattening). I rang Molly’s doorbell, greeted her and her mom. “Um, I think I have a flat tire,” I said. “What makes you say that?” Molly’s mom asked. “Well,” I replied, “It’s hissing, and it looks pretty flat.”

As Molly and her mom were completely clueless on what to do, I called my dad, who worked for AAA for 20 years. We made a three-way call to AAA, when they took down all my information and told me they’d be there within and hour and 20 minutes to help.

Immediately after I hung up, I got a call from another AAA employee, making sure everything was okay. It was.

Molly and I went downstairs to watch the nailbiting Illini game, and a few minutes later, I got a call from AAA again. They were outside waiting for me.

I had a spare tire in the trunk (along with jumper cables…always good to have…and as my dad always says, “Even if you don’t know how to use them, someone else will.”), so the AAA guy easily took out the old tire and put in the new one. The old tire had a small slash in it, as if I drove over some small piece of metal. The new tire is very small: “This tire is a 30-40 mile maximum tire, so don’t be crusin’ around,” the AAA man said. “Don’t worry,” Molly said, “She isn’t one for cruising.”

[Someone asked me today if the car was slanted because one of its tires was much smaller. It wasn’t.]

Moral of the story: learn how to change tires. REAL moral of the story: get a AAA membership card, and someone will do it for you!


9 thoughts on “The tire is flat…so push in! (any music people out there?)

  1. I like the way your tire said “Hisssssss.” That was very nice.

    Another moral of the story: AAA is also good for things such as dead batteries, locking your keys in the car, running out of gas, needing a towing service to get you off the highway after a breakdown, and other things as well.

    Oh, and they give you cheap insurance if you are still in school.

    Yay AAA!

  2. We don’t have AAA. We have Better World Travellers’ Club, which is almost as good. They do everything AAA does, it just takes longer. And they’re meanies about whose credit the tows go one (each cardholder gets like 3 free tows a year or something, and seeing as my car’s broken down twice and gotten a flat tire/been crashed into within the past year, it’s not so good).

    I want AAA.

  3. This one time, our friends parked their car in our driveway, behind our car in the driveway and other car in the garage. They locked their keys in the car. We were in a rush to go somewhere. We called AAA, and it took them about three hours to get to us. But when they did, they unlocked that car with style and pizazz!

  4. This one time, I was at Macaroni Grill, and my friend Sam T locked her keys in the car. And I waited with her outside while Daniel et al were inside eating, and AAA unlocked the car with finesse and skill!

  5. My dad got me AAA for Chanukah! It’s very helpful… My tire went WAY flat while driving to school one morning and a really cute guy showed up to fix it! 🙂

  6. Haha, that’s a funny Chanukah present!!

    Someone told me today that guys think that girls who can change their own tires are very sexy…hmm…

  7. even your livejournal entries are in vaguely journalistic prose. i suppose that is generally the idea of a blog, after all, but it’s nevertheless amusing.

  8. I can only write one column each month (maximum…sometimes less). I love writing columns. This blog is sort of a way for me to write little mini columns every day. Yay.

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