So I was going to have this really cool entry, where I was going to introduce the grand opening of my online pictures through Webshots. I was going to start off by saying, “Here is a random sampling of pictures available at my new favorite place:”

Then, I was going to show a few cool pictures from the website.

I was going to show this one picture (found at of the Hadag Nachash (the most popular Israeli hip hop group) concert at Kinnus a few weeks ago. Then, I was going to write a complaint: “Whoever you are who wore high-heeled shoes at the concert, my toe STILL hurts from when you jumped up high and landed on it. Ouch. I’ve been wearing flip flops for the past week and a half.”

Then, I was going to show a picture of us counting a million coins at the Penny Wars at Kinnus. We raised over $1128 in coins! (That picture, if you wanted to see it, can be found at

I was going to end with a picture from International Convention that went along with a previous LJ entry. I was going to say, “Remember the story about the Californian and the snowbrush at International Convention? (” Well, that picture can be found here:

Then, I was going to write: For more pictures, be sure to visit I’m sure I’ll update it soon.

But, alas, this entry-that-should-have-been could not be. The pictures didn’t work for some reason. I tried three times to get them to show up in the entry, but it was to no avail. I also didn’t feel like trying more than three times. So, that’s it. I’m sorry.


3 thoughts on “Pictures!

  1. That picture didn’t show up either, and when I clicked on the link, it said that I don’t have permission to access that site from my server.

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