Reasons (other than Daniel Picus) I wish I lived in Houston

Well, really only one reason.

Today is May 2, and it was REALLY cold today. (According to the weatherman just now, it was in the “low 40s.”)

My gym teacher made us go outside for gym today. Not only did we have to go outside in the freezing May weather in our gym clothes (shorts and t-shirt), but it was first thing in the morning, so there was barely any sun. And we were playing softball–not exactly a sport where you do a lot of running. (I was busy shivering in left field, and then the one time I batted…well, let’s just say I’m not as good at softball as I was in third grade.)

Gotta love Chicago weather. (I heard it’s supposed to be 80 degrees later this week…?)

I think I’m still shivering from this morning.

Or maybe I’m just nervous for the AP Calc test. Hmmm.


4 thoughts on “Reasons (other than Daniel Picus) I wish I lived in Houston

  1. I sooooo sympathize. The same thing always happens in gym class — we go out when its absolutely freezing. What’s the point of making us go outside when it’s cold? To build character? Last time I checked I was from Pittsburgh, not from Sparta.
    In any case, heart goes out to you, boo. Did I just say boo? I think APs have finally done their damage.

  2. So I’m guessing, Josh Goldberg or no, you don’t want to live in Toronto?

    It was a sunny 70-something today in Houston!

    I hope you beat the poop out of that vile test. Boo tests.

  3. I feel you Lia. It was cold this morning and I just got home from school like 10 minutes ago, so its night time and its cooooold 😦

    Ah, Chicago Weather.

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