AP tests are done. After seven days of testing and cramming, APs are
done. After 19 hours of sitting at a desk in room 2225, APs are done.
After filling out 723 Scantron bubbles, APs are finally done.

Yes. I calculated how many Scantron bubbles I filled out over the past
week. That’s including all the answer bubbles, name bubbles, address,
social security, name of exam, etc., for AP Calc, AP English, AP Bio,
AP Euro, and some various practice tests. 723.

I counted those up during the Euro test on Friday when I had exhausted
the topics of Martin Luther, Henry VIII, and Europe’s role in world
trade, and still had 45 minutes to go. Instead of twiddling my thumbs
the whole time or being mad that I didn’t pay attention all year, I
counted Scantron bubbles.

Fittingly, the 7 days, 19 hours, room 2225, and 723 Scantron bubbles,
amount to but a few numbers: 3? 4? 5? 2? July 1. They seem important
now–but maybe I will have forgotten about them by then.

But, alas, I am free now. No more tests to study for. No more classes,
really. A few projects here and there, the Senior Issue of West Word, and then, basically, watching movies in class. It’s beautiful.

I don’t know what I’m going to do with myself with all this free time.
I have already begun thinking, however, about how to solve that
problem. The first item on my “Post-AP To-Do List” is, of course,
“write remaining items on Post-AP To-Do List.” So that’s what I’m going
to do.


8 thoughts on “I’M DONE!!!

  1. Next year, I will have beat you.
    Not only do I have to fill out name, address, social security, etc, but also my IB number, Temporary IB number, Student ID, and IB School ID. But not for 4 tests and some practices, but for 8 tests. And that’s only for Paper 1 on each one.
    Paper 2 is short answer.
    Paper 3 is essay
    Paper 4 (for the HLs) is essay and short answer.

    And today I found out that for the HL Chem Exam next year, I can choose Option B for Paper 4 (We do options A and H and something else, but you can choose any three.) Option B is about mind-altering drugs. Our text book not only has the formula for LSD, but for Shrooms and Payote as well. And, get this, Pot and Cocaine.

  2. Hey Lia,
    I have a question. Did Frau get engaged? Because the article in West Word doesn’t make this clear–it sounds like she is just kind of hoping her boyfriend will marry her when she gets to Wisconsin. That’s not the case, is it?


  3. I think I assumed that the reason she was moving to Wisconsin was to marry her boyfriend, but I’m not sure.

    But did you see the headline of that article? “Frau Jacobs says ‘Tschuss’ to West.” Yeah, I wrote that.

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