A confused mind

I forgot to mention that in math, we’ve also been watching A Beautiful Mind.
Of course, I missed the first three days of watching it because of
other AP tests, so I only saw the last 40 minutes the movie.

Let me tell you, that is one movie NOT to see the last 40 minutes of.
Are the people real? Are they alive? Ghosts? Figments of his
schizophrenic mind? I was so confused.

Someone told me that now I ruined the whole movie for myself by watching the end, but I just don’t know why yet.

I’ll add this to my list of movies I’ve seen the second half of but not
the first. Well, I guess there are only two movies on that list,
though: this and Signs. I’ve actually seen the second half of Signs twice, but I don’t think I ever saw the first half.


4 thoughts on “A confused mind

  1. We’re watching “A Beautiful Mind” too! Hahaha, I gotta love the math teachers who don’t have enough material for more than two weeks for the entire quarter.
    P.S. Yeah, you ruined it. Great movie, but it would ruin it to start from where you are. Sorry.

  2. Signs is singularly the absoute worst film made in the past 15 years.
    I say the past 15 years only because of Gargantuan and Plan Nine from Outer Space (Also, Murder Cycle) all of which are slightly worse than Signs.

    Seriously, Mel Gibson must be the absolute worst actor on this planet.
    Even Braveheart wasn’t that great. Because Mel sucks.

    Honestly, Signs is pure, unadulterated, smooth, Grade-A bull crap.

  3. He’s schizo. They’re not real, just delusions and hallucinations. We had to analyze him in my abnormal psych class.

    Anyway, its not that great of a movie (in my opinion) so don’t worry that you ruined it for yourself. It drags!

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