Middle school…reunion

Tomorrow night is my middle school (Solomon Schechter) reunion.

Though many of my friends are dreading it (and some are even skipping
it altogether, cough, Shaina), I’m actually really looking forward to

I’m excited to see people who I’ve been bad about keeping in touch
with. I’m excited to see how people have changed, etc. I’ve seen a lot
of the teachers and have been back in the building many times, so I
don’t really care about that, but it will just be cool to see what
everyone’s been up to for the past four years and to see where they’re
all headed.

I have another reason I’m excited to go. This is the picture that I basically left middle school with:

Yep. That was Lia in 7th grade at her Bat Mitzvah. (I don’t know if I
have any 8th grade pictures online anywhere, but this does the job.)
Well. I think that picture speaks for itself.

I’m expecting major awkwardness and fakeness, so that should be fun.
And then, when the night is over, I won’t have to see them again until
the next reunion if I don’t want to. We’ll see.


What do you think?

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