Reunion, prom, newspaper, USY, and other odds and ends

My brother said to me tonight: “You haven’t updated your LiveJournal since the 18th.”

And how right he is. Here’s an update on all the things I’ve been
meaning to put as separate entries over the past few days, dedicated to
my lovely brother.

Last Thursday was the Schechter reunion. It was about as awkward as I
thought it would be. People mostly hung out in the same cliques they
did in middle school, though many people [fakely] crossed cliques to
ask each other how they’ve been the past four years. There was a
slideshow of the beautiful pictures of us from 8th grade.

There are four of us total going to Northwestern from Schechter, so it will be interesting to see if we keep in touch at school.

Saturday morning, I went to a Bar Mitzvah of one of the students I
tutored. He thanked me in his speech for “making lessons so much fun.”
Can you say “great publicity”???

Saturday night was…drumroll, please…prom! Of course, it wasn’t my
first prom…I went to Northside’s prom last year. But this was very
different, mostly because I actually knew all (most) of the people

I got my hair done in an updo (using about 40 bobby pins and more
hairspray than I have ever seen in my life), and I got my makeup done
(“Please, I NEVER wear makeup,” I told the lady. “Oh, ok, you want the
natural look,” she said.).

My dress was dark red, and beautiful.

We met at Priya’s house for pictures, got in the limos, and drove to
the Chicago Mariott–the same place, ironically, where USY
International Convention was held. Everyone was so pretty! Our cheeks
hurt from smiling for all the pictures.

Lia: Do you have any vegetarian* food?
Waitress person: No.
Lia: But, do you have any vegetarian food?
Waitress person: Just eat this (points to vegetables on chicken plate).
[Other waiter comes over.]
Lia: Vegetarian? Like, no meat?
Waiter guy: Ahh ok, sure. [Proceeds to FINALLY bring out a pasta plate.]
*For the record, I really hate pretending to be a vegetarian. I like
meat, a lot, I just like KOSHER meat. I don’t love vegetarian food. Too
many vegetables for me.

Dancing. I don’t know how to dance. But I sort of pretended that I did.

Post-prom: we’re too cool for the school-sponsored boat ride, and WAY
too cool to do other silly things that high schoolers do on prom night,
so instead, we went cosmic bowling at 3 a.m. In our prom dresses, of
course. It was fun, though, needless to say, my score was not as
beautiful as my dress was.

Then, Steak n Shake for dessert. Let me tell you, even though it was 4
a.m. on a Sunday morning, there should be more than TWO people working
in the whole restaurant. Our food took forever, and we were all falling
asleep on the table (and by “we all” I mean me, and Yoo Soo, and maybe
Christie). Mmmm…milkshakes at 4 a.m.

And thus the night ended. It was quite fun, and everyone had a really good time. I finally got into bed at 5 a.m.

Pictures from prom can be found here.

Had to wake up the next morning at 11:30 a.m. to go to…guess where…West Word! I had to finish up the senior issue (which looks spectacular, I must say). I was there until about 6:45 p.m.

Monday–Senior Ditch Day 2. Here at Niles West, our seniors take pride
in our TWO Senior Ditch Day, and I was privileged enough to
participate in both of them. Of course, I spent my day off doing my
favorite thing…homework! I worked most of the day on my English
project, which I am glad to say I finished. Only 3 projects/finals left
to go!

And, finally, tonight was the end of USY (that crazy youth group thing)
for me. I was uninstalled as Honorary Past President. All of these
endings are getting to be so sad!

I get it. High school is ending. Yes, three days left of school.
Regional USY is over. Chapter USY is over. Newspaper is over. Band is
(almost) over. APs are over. I understand. It’s just sad to keep being
reminded about it all. But, as the famous book says, “Oh, the places
I’ll go!” I know there’s a lot to look forward to in the future.

That’s my story, and I’m sticking to it.


3 thoughts on “Reunion, prom, newspaper, USY, and other odds and ends

  1. Two things:
    You look GORGEOUS in the prom pics
    – Yeah, Lia, reppin’ Dr. Seuss! You’ll go to some great places :-D.

  2. You look lovely. Actually, your prom reminds me of Sam T’s: she wore this stunning dark red dress, and all her friends were in these frilly little puffy pastel things. And same with you. Lovely.

  3. i went to prom with three girls last year. It was crazy. But we didn’t go bowling, mainly because we aren’t as “cool” as you are — we went on the boat and then to our friends’ hotel party.

    Nice dress though, kid.

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