Obsessed with movies?

I have a problem.

I think I’ve become obsessed with movies.

Ever since I’ve made that movie website,
all I’ve been able to do with myself is watch movies. And it’s not only
that I enjoy watching the movies (believe me, I do)–it’s really the
joy I get in updating my website, like showing the world: “Ha! I am doing something productive!”

I’m trying not to do two things this summer: 1) Spend a lot of money,
and 2) Get fat. (So of course, tonight, I went to Coldstone and bought
ice cream.) There’s not a whole lot I can do that don’t fit either
category, so watching movies (I’ve got unlimited rentals at
Blockbuster, so that’s practically free) is one of the few options I
have. (If anyone has any other suggestions for cheap things that don’t
involve eating junk food, let me know.)

So…who wants to see a movie with me next week?


What do you think?

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