Five posts for the price of one!

Here you have it!

1. Michael Lehrer has
finally created a website and a blog. Using Blogger, he has avoided
unnecessary websites like Livejournal and Xanga. No offense to
Livejournal, but I’d rather just have my blog on my website like how
Michael has it now. So, stay tuned (hopefully) for moving day for my
blog. If Michael can do it, I can do it.

2. Speaking of blogs, it’s the summertime, so a lot of the typical
bloggers (at least on LJ) are on a hiatus. Therefore, LJ Land has been
slightly quiet recently. Should I update more to break the silence? Or
has everyone stopped reading this completely? Also, if you like to
write, or you have something to say other than the typical “what I ate
for breakfast” posts, make your own blog. Really. You can do it
(Michael Lehrer did!). If you have something to say, chances are that
someone else will listen. And in the quiet, relaxing summer, I bet a
lot of people go around wishing they could read what their friends
write. If you non-bloggers wrote something, I’d read it.

3. I went to the Taste of Chicago a few days ago with Ellie. Yum! I had
delicious corn on the cob, pizza, watermelon, and a chocolate-covered
banana (I tried to be somewhat healthy). I got pretty tan (okay, not
gonna lie, sunburned). I got a call from Daniel Picus in Israel while
we were there, yay. Then, we visited Millennium Park (I hadn’t been
there before). Though my ultimate goal in life is to go ice skating
there and we didn’t get to for obvious reasons, it was still fun.

Here are Ellie and I in front of the “Bean” sculpture.

4. I have added a new feature to my movie website where YOU too can
comment on the movies I’ve seen. If you’ve seen any of the movies I
did, and you had some form of opinion about it, or you just want your
name on the Internet a few times so that when you Google yourself
something real pops up instead of some website in German, let me know.

5. I am experimenting with videos, websites, and digital cameras. Visit my website
and click on My Videos. Try downloading the video(s) (depending on how
many I feel like uploading), and let me know if they work for you.
Right now, it’s a video from the amazing Hadag Nachash (Israeli hip
hop) concert.

Thank you for reading.


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