Boom! Oooh! Ahhhhh! Shut up!

I can’t believe that I saw fireworks not once, but twice last weekend.

Sunday night, I was at Navy Pier after seeing the hilarious Second City’s Romeo and Juliet: The Musical, and then Monday night, I was dragged to the Morton Grove fireworks.

I haven’t been in this state for the 4th of July for the past three
years, and my memory doesn’t stretch much farther back. I guess I had
forgotten how silly fireworks are.

At Navy Pier, definitely the most entertaining part were the people
around me and their side noises. After a few incredibly amazing faraway
lights of fire in the sky that pollute the air and really make me feel
like a true American went off, people seemed to notice that nobody was
doing the “Oooh! Ahhh!” noises. So, some little kids did. That
apparently annoyed the little kids’ older sister, so it became “Oooh!
Ahhh!” “Shut up!” “Oooh, ahhhh, ooo-” “SHUT UP!”

Each firework is pretty similar to the one that precedes it, but yet everyone seems to have their favorite.

“Wow! It’s the bright sparkly one with the sizzling noise that stays in
the air for five seconds! This one is my favorite. No, this next one
with the multicolors is my favorite. Oh no! Now is the finale! THAT is
my favorite!”

I found it hard to believe that the Morton Grove fireworks could be
“better” than Navy Pier’s, but they were. But just as Ellie dragged
Sharon and I to Morton Grove, we dragged her out of there before the
fireworks ended (therefore avoiding the mad rush of people who must
have been speeding home to listen to Sousa and really pontificate the
meaning of freedom in America).

Maybe someone could explain the lure and popularity of the specks of
light in the sky. I don’t know where I’ll be next year on July 4, but
hopefully I won’t be flying in a plane through fireworks. That would
probably be painful.


3 thoughts on “Boom! Oooh! Ahhhhh! Shut up!

  1. Generally speaking, flying occurs a hell of a lot higher than fireworks can fly. I think it would be really awesome to be in a plane and see all the different fireworks shows from up above! Oh man, that would make some really kickass photography.

  2. this one time I was on a plane and we’d barely taken off from San Francisco and there was an earthquake…it was so weird to see

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