Ahh! My back!

I think I have become a 60-year-old man.

Well, maybe not. But I don’t think I’ve ever felt pains in my back like this before.

I’ve been doing a lot of filing at work (in between stuffing envelopes), and I guess today did it for my back. I had to reach high (yeah, I had to stand on a stool to reach the top drawer–I’m short) and low, bend over and reach across shelves. I only got a few papercuts and I only needed two band-aids for my fingers.

I don’t imagine that I’ll be very comfortable sleeping tonight. And it’s too bad that I don’t like massages, because one would feel really good right now if I liked them.

I have therefore narrowed down my career options. When I grow up, I do NOT want to be a professional filer.


One thought on “Ahh! My back!

  1. One time, when I destroyed my laptop, I spent two hours hunched over my bed trying to fix it. When I straightened back up, I nearly died, what with the lower-back pain. I also felt like a 60-year old man.

    Oh, also, Francie has reading glasses. Thick ones. I called her a 60-year old man.

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