I finally got to see “Wicked” last Thursday.

I’m so glad that I finally got to see the show. When it started
becoming popular (“pop-uuuu-lar”) on the east coast, my family ordered
tickets for a random day (July 14 = Bastille Day) in the summer, and
I’ve been counting down the days for months.

It was incredible. Ana Gasteyer of SNL played the lead (Elphaba), and
wow, I did not know she could sing like that. The other singers were
also very good. I loved the lighting and special effects, and it was
just a great performance. I loved the message of the play, too.

I had read the book before the play, warned by many that it was VERY
different from the play. It was. The book was too long, but the musical
did a great job of cutting out the boring parts and exaggerating the
exciting parts.

Anyone want to see the show again with me?

Now that I’ve seen this, the next musical on my list is “Rent.”
Everyone else seems to be obsessed with it, and I want to be also. It’s
in New York forever, but I don’t think it’s coming to Chicago for a
while. I hear the movie is coming out November 11, but I sort of want
to see the play first. If anyone wants to go to New York with me
sometime soon, I’d love that too.

“It’s time to trust my instincts–close my eyes, and leap…it’s time to try defying gravity.”


4 thoughts on “WICKED!!!

  1. they shot hella parts of the movie in San Francisco…I only saw it (Rent) in February right before I went to Israel and I thought I was the last to see it. If you get a chance to see Movin’ Out then by all means see it…Twyla Tharp and Billy Joel…you just can’t go wrong…

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