You won’t believe your ears…

Yes. I have finally gotten my ears pierced. Can you believe it? I sure can’t.

I had lived my whole life thinking, “Why would I get my ears pierced?
That’s so silly.” But then, suddenly, a few days ago, I had sort of an
epiphany, and figured that as long as I’m going through a pro-piercing
phase, I might as well do it.

In six weeks I’ll be able to get pretty earrings, and I’m sort of excited.


12 thoughts on “You won’t believe your ears…

  1. I didn’t have my ears pierced until TRY. I was at Kenyon Malcha and saw some pretty earrings that I loved so I went up stairs and got my ears pierced. Then I decided to get second holes and 2 months later after I broke my foot and I was on painkillers I was like hey, what the hell? so I went and got second holes and it didn’t hurt because I was on painkillers.

    What’s the point of my story? I don’t really know, I don’t think it had a point…but Lisa met Alex Damron and I was like “THat’s Lia’s snowbrush dude!”

  2. omg My mouth literally dropped open and I put my hand over it when I saw that picture!!!!! I remember in like middle school or something you were like “I don’t get why people would get their ears pierced. People got their ears peirced as a sign of slavery a long time ago yadda yadda yadda…” Well congrats!! I miss you. Hope to talk to you soon!! –Tanya

  3. Go you! Yay LIA πŸ˜€

    At least you’re not like me who went around with a “fake earring” on my closed up ears until one day one of your friends will go up to you and say, “Hey, did you get your ears re-pierced.” In which I said, “Um…no, why?” “Cuz I think it went through…” “Um…no, it didn’t!” “Yes it did, I can see it through the ear.” *Shock* *tries to get fake one out of ear…until realizing…I pierced my own ear without knowing it!*

  4. I was thinking about just getting my ears pierced while I was getting my wisdom teeth out, but that’s not until mid-December, and I didn’t think I’d still want to by then.

    Lisa met Alex at Indiana? Cool. But she met him at IC too, didn’t she?

  5. I definitely remember saying that. And I almost still believe it. So why did I get my ears pierced? Your guess is as good as mine.

  6. karen!!! i totally did see alex…. it was on my way to hillel the first shabbos and i knew he looked so familiar, and when he was talking about USY and california i was like I KNOW YOU!!!! good deal!
    toodles from indiana!

  7. Oh so very pretty…see I told you i would stalk you online that and still procrastinating doing homework. When does northwestern start? Jealous of your relax do crazy new fun time…I bite my thumb at you. -Beth

  8. Oh Bethie. Always procrastinating, huh? NU classes start Sept. 20. New Student Week and move-in day is Sept. 13. Hillel overnight for freshmen begins Sept 12.

    I bite your thumb right back at you. =) I hope you’re having a fun time at school.

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