Every day, I learn of more and more people who watch the Food Network on a regular basis.

And it’s not the kind of people you’d expect. It’s understandable that
my mom watches the channel to get recipe ideas and food tips. I
understand how some of my friends’ moms could watch it. I could even
understand some of my friends occasionally watching it–maybe they’re
learning how to cook early.

I can sort of even understand how people would watch Iron Chef. When
my brother first turned that on a few years ago, I thought he was
crazy, but soon learned that it isn’t abnormal for teenagers to watch.

But he watches other shows, too! I can’t remember all of the cooks’ names, but he watches them.

I’m pretty sure that one of the kids I tutor watches the channel (he’s
the one who said that when he grows up, he wants to be “either a
professional basketball player or a comedian”).

I can’t remember who, but other people have definitely told me lately that they watch the channel as well.

Is this weird?


5 thoughts on “Food…TV

  1. Are you really surprised? This is AMERICA we’re talking about here. You can’t go five feet without seeing/hearing something to do with food. AMERICANS LOVE FOOD!!!

  2. Quite weird. I love food, but I don’t love the food network: they do not go hand in hand.

    You know some weird people.

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