Last-minute movies

Only about four days remain until I go to school (finally!).

The past couple of days have been full of scrambling–to get all the
things I need for my dorm, to organize my room at home, to say goodbye
to friends.

The biggest scramble, however, has been to see movies.

I’ve spent my summer watching and reviewing movies from my list (, and I’ve really enjoyed this little movie “class” I’ve given myself.

But as of now, there are still 104 movies on my list, and four days to
see them. At approximately two hours per movie, that is 208 hours.
There are only 96 hours in four days. You do the math. I won’t be able
to complete the list this summer.

I’ll have time to watch a few more, though. The question is–which ones?

Which movies from my list do
I need to see before I start school? These aren’t necessarily the best
movies on the list, but the movies that either 1) everybody in the
world has seen, so I won’t be able to function in society without
having seen it, 2) deal with college life and I should see them before
I get there (don’t worry, I’ve already seen Animal House), or 3) are just really exceptionally good movies.

Post your thoughts here, and if you can give your reasons, that would be excellent.

I will maintain this list throughout the year, too, but I just don’t
imagine myself watching as many movies while at school as I did this

P.S. Thanks to everyone who gave me reviews of movies for my website!

P.P.S. I chose the comforter with the colorful squares. Thanks for voting.


8 thoughts on “Last-minute movies

  1. It’s not on the list, but Old School is a hilarious college movie
    Also some movies that everyone has to see: Dr. Strangelove, Godfather, Lord of the Rings (good for a movie marathon), Memento, Star Wars, Jaws, and Indiana Jones, Rainman

  2. im bringing old school! its hilarious. and im bringing young frankenstein, which is a great movie and is on your list. so you can watch those two after we get to school. 🙂

    -your roomie

  3. Dr. Strangelove or: How I learned to stop worrying and love the bomb.
    I think everyone can agree (as seen by your site and the comments above.)

    It is by far the best film ever.

  4. im just going to summarize what i told u online…
    u MUST see Rain Man and Fight Club.
    Devdas is a really long and intense movie, but it’s soo worth it (that is if u want to cry).
    Rounders i rmbr to be a good movie–i saw it a long time ago so i dont rmbr details, but because i do rmbr something about it im sure it’s worth seeing…
    ice age and shark tales can wait, but if you want to see one of them, id go with ice age
    good luck and i wish u all the best as ur summer of movies comes to a close 🙂

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