Lia’s dorm room!

I’m pretty much in love with my dorm room. I’ve hung up posters and
pictures of my favorite movies, bands, shows, and people. Take a look:

And, the other side:

But, to get the real effect, you have to be here in person. Come visit me!

Challenge: can you either a) see what the posters are, or b) spot yourself or people you know in any of my pictures?


8 thoughts on “Lia’s dorm room!

  1. When I saw the Beatles poster, it reminded me of when you and Joshie G lip-synched “Hello, Goodbye” for the lip-synching contest in San Diego.
    And then I felt fuzzy all over :-D.

  2. I cannot tell, but I will assume that I am in at least three of your pictures.

    Because otherwise, God will probably strike you down.

    Or strike me down for saying that.

  3. Aww! Yeah, that was one of the funniest moments on Wheels. We rocked that. But then Simon (I mean…Dave Levy) made fun of us because the words to “Hello, Goodbye” are fairly simplistic.

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