Woo hoo, classes!

A brief summary of my schedule for this quarter:

Freshman Seminar: The Art of the Memoir
Monday, Wednesday, Friday: 10:00-10:50
There’s only 15 of us in the class (14 girls and 1 boy, haha). We read
and write memoirs. There will be a big focus on Holocaust memoirs in a
few weeks. Should be interesting, especially after Poland.

Hebrew II
Monday, Wednesday, Friday: 11:00-11:50
I really like Hebrew. We have to write with vowels, though. I haven’t done that since 2nd grade.

Monday, Wednesday, Friday: 2:00-2:50
This is going to be really cool. This counts as my one “formal
studies” (math, etc.) class I need. I’ve always been interested in
music but I’ve never taken a theory class, so this should be good. I
have to learn how to read tenor, alto, and bass clefs, though, which
I’m sooo not used to (I love treble clef!).

Intro to Sociology
Monday, Tuesday, Wednesday: 3:00-3:50
I think this will be really interesting, too. The prof is really famous, and the subject is pretty cool.

Biggest class: Soc (650ish people)
Smallest class: Hebrew (6 people)


5 thoughts on “Woo hoo, classes!

  1. Holy COW, 650 people in one class!?!?!? That’s Northwestern for you, I guess. My biggest class here was like 58 people, and I found it hard to concentrate!

  2. It’s insane. It’s in the auditorium of the biggest building on campus. I sat in the balcony today. People around me were on their laptops talking online and looking at Facebook, doing crossword puzzles, and not paying attention. There’s no attendance taken (though that would make for an interesting time). But the teacher is really interesting, and I think it will be a good class.

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