It’s every college kid’s worst nightmare

Okay, I’ll admit it. I know I’m not supposed to go home when I’m at
college, but I did tonight. I needed some clothes (and I needed a free
brisket dinner…mmmm). So after tutoring, while I still had access to
a car, I stopped in Lincolnwood.

I walked up the stairs, about to go into my room, and I see what looks
like the back of a piano taking up all of my floorspace. Upon closer
inspection after turning on the lights, I see that it is not a piano,
but a large armoire that used to be in my parents’ room.

“What, I’m gone two months and you’re already renting out my space?” I asked my mom.

Mom and Dad got some new drawers in their room, so they don’t need this
one anymore. That still didn’t explain, though, what it was doing in my

Pretty soon, I’ll come home to find fat men with scruffy beards who play the viola living in there. I hope not.


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