I’m 19.

The details of the birthday festivities follow.

1. A few birthday phone calls on Sunday. Sunday was a great day, as I
forgot about Daylight Savings Time, so I got an extra, unexpected hour
of sleep.
2. Sunday night, my parents brought birthday cake for my dorm to meet at our meeting. Yummm…
3. Stroke of midnight: ring ring, more calls!
4. Monday morning: Memoir class (what a great way to start off my birthday…discussing the Holocaust) and Hebrew
5. This was a cool birthday because the Hebrew calendar runs in 19-year
cycles, so this year my Hebrew birthday and my secular birthday landed
on the same date (October 31 = 28th of Tishrei): the first time since
1986, I believe.
6. Lunch; I’ll write more about the cool food item I ate later (it’s an entry in itself)
7. Harmony, then run-run-run to Sociology
8. This is one of the best parts of the day. Pay attention.

I open my notebook
and prepare for an informative sociological lecture (Jessi calls the
class “Fun with Stereotypes”). Don’t forget, this is a class of 650
kids, taught by a famous professor. “Hello, everyone,” he says.
“Today’s lecture is about the American Character. Oh, and I’d like to
wish a happy birthday to Lia Lehrer.”

I was shocked.
WOAH!! People cheered for me!! (I actually know quite a few people in
that class.) I was semi-embarrassed, semi-…woahhh. I soon found out
that Jessi and Lauren asked the professor to announce that. WOW. That
was insane. Thanks, guys.

9. Chilling in the room, then my suitemates awkwardly line up my room
to sing to me and present me with a card and a “coupon” for a ticket to
Wicked!!! I love you guys.
then dinner at Wolfgang Puck with Lauren!
10. It was raining. It always rains on Halloween/Lia’s birthday.
11. A few minutes of the Hillel Halloween Party (boring), then back to the dorm
12. A visit from Michael and Eric–earrings from Michael and Rachel S!
13. It’s been fun getting phone calls, IMs, e-mails, Facebook messages,
etc. from everyone!! I’m a really big loser and I actually kept track
of everyone who called, e-mailed, whatever, so I can thank them: and,
wow, when I look at it like that, I have come in contact with almost
100 different people in the last 26 or so hours (really, I counted).
WOW. I love people.
14. But wait! Do the birthday celebrations stop after today? No, no;
never fear. This weekend will complete the celebration with a dinner
with friends Saturday night (NU CRC people: sign up on my door if
you’re coming!) and with my family Sunday night.
15. The end.


4 thoughts on “1031!!!!

  1. too bad # 16…kafein with Northwestern+high school friends couldn’t be added on the list :(, but that will happen soon so don’t you worry…and yes, i was one of the 650 people in that sociology class who heard your name announced so i can verify that that DID hapen 🙂 –you know who

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