My new friend

Readers, this is Creative Zen Micro. Creative Zen Micro, these are my readers.

It’s my new mp3 player (sort of like an iPod, but supposedly better). I
haven’t owned a portable music player since my Discman, which I rarely
used, and then before that, my Walkman (remember cassettes?).

This was a birthday present from my family, in addition to the ruby
slippers you can see in the picture by my head. Yay for birthdays!!

The Zen has a capacity for 6 GB, about 3,000 songs. Right now, I have
970 songs. Who has songs they want to send me / let me steal?

Though it can hold a lot of music, it is small in size: it is smaller
than the palm of my hand, and when I have pockets, it can fit inside of

Many thanks to the Lehrer family for giving me this new toy.


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