Health update

Just as an update…

My cold and I are no longer on speaking terms. It was kind of an awkward breakup.

I do have someone new in my life, however. His name is Claritin. I think we’ll be together for a long time.

Though I have gotten rid of my cold, I have not gotten rid of THE cold. It is FREEEEEEEEEEEEEZING outside today. This is the time of year when I’m jealous of my Houston friends.

It’s funny, though, because people think that since I’m from Chicago, I should be used to the weather.

Lia: “Brrrrrrrrrr!”
Non-Chicago friend: “But Lia, aren’t you FROM Chicago?”
Lia: “But that doesn’t mean I don’t have FEELINGS!!!”

I’m going to buy a down jacket tonight.


4 thoughts on “Health update

  1. Fuckin.

    Don’t come to Houston. For the next week or so, we’re cold too. It was fuckin’ 40 degrees today. FORTY DEGREES. Right now, it’s 55.

    Tonight it’s gonna be 34. THIRTY-FOUR!!!

    It’s supposed to be back up above 50 a week from now. High of 72, Low of 51. That’ll be nice.

    But Thursday, I go to Minneapolis for Emtza Kinnus.

    And in Minneapolis on Thursday: High 38, Low 23. !!! This sunday it’s going to be snowing there. God help me.

  2. Lia=funny.

    Check the dictionary.

    It’s there. I swear.

    Wow. That rhymed. I’m a poet and I didn’t even know it.

    Heh. Maybe I’M the funny one?


    much love,

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