Just as an FYI…

I am getting my wisdom teeth out this Tuesday (December 13, 2005), at around 10 a.m.

EDIT: Okay, I lied. My oral surgeon had a death in the family, so the surgery is being rescheduled to Wednesday at 9 a.m. What shall I do with this extra day?

I’ve never had surgery before, so I have no idea how I will react.

Will I…
-Get chipmunk cheeks?
-Be able to talk?
-Be able to eat whole foods?
-Be in pain?
-Enjoy the Vicodin way too much?

I’ll keep you posted.

So if you call me on Tuesday or Wednesday (or maybe even Thursday or Friday, I’m not sure), I will
a) Not answer
b) Answer, but sound like “Hehwo? I ga ma widdom teet pul. I ca ta now.”
c) Sound perfectly normal.

Once I wake up, though, I’m sure I will be checking e-mails and IMs.

If you were in the neighborhood, I may or may not like a visitor. I most likely will, but I can’t say yet. I’ll let you know. But come over–we can have milkshakes, and maybe you can put a bag of frozen peas on your face too so I don’t look like a loser by myself.

Awrih, I’ll ta to you soo! With me luck!


8 thoughts on “Teeth!

  1. They couldn’t find my veins and I looked like a junkie…so I got nitrous instead. I didn’t get chipmunk cheeks but it will feel like your lips are like 8 times the normal size even though they probably won’t be. I reccomend not eating solid food even if you can bear it because it will upset the stitches and make it bleed. Have something on hand for a sore throat because the blood running down your throat (eww) makes it sore. I only took Vicodin really when I wanted to sleep but otherwise it was mostly a dull ache that Advil took care of nicely. As for milkshakes and whatnot, they’re great but DO NOT USE STRAWS. The sucking will pull the stitches out which is not a good thing. Talking isn’t too bad but try to avoid excessive talking on the first day or so because it’ll make you bleed more. It took me about 4 days to recover but there were still unpleasent reminders for the next week or two.

    If you read all that then I hope it was helpful and if you didn’t I reccomend goingback and at least skimming it. Good luck!

  2. 1. chipmunk cheeks = yes
    2. talk with a huge lisp
    3. whole foods= not for a while
    4. pain, oh yeah.
    5. viccodin = friend for me. it reacts differently with different people

    have fun

  3. I’m actually a little upset, looking back on it, that I didn’t get any pain medicine. (I could have made some good money – or at least had a fun time.)

    But, that’s what happens when your dentist and not an oral surgeon take ’em out.

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