Lia: a young NU prospie?

My dad recently found this picture, taken of me at the Fourth Grade Schechter Kallah:

I guess I was lying when I say that I never wanted to go to Northwestern until this past April…

Apparently, I was an NU prospie (that’s our cool term for “prospective student”) as early as fourth grade.

Who knew I’d actually end up there?


4 thoughts on “Lia: a young NU prospie?

  1. I used to LOVE my hair. It was so long and shiny, though I hated brushing it. And I think bangs used to be “in,” but then again, I wasn’t exactly the expert on what was stylish and what was not (see overalls and tie-dyed shirt).

  2. Bangs were totally in. I had bangs then too. And by then I don’t mean when I was in 4th grade – I mean when you were in 4th grade. Yes, folks, I had bangs in 7th grade. Actually, I think 7th grade is when I finally phased them out. But they were pretty cool for the 10 or so years I had them until then!

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