I don’t get mail very often here at school (with the exception of the bus schedules and the flyers telling me how I can seek psychological help), but I got an interesting package the other night.

For some reason, I felt obliged to check the mail Saturday night as I passed by the mailboxes (the room 101 mailbox was calling my name: “Open me, Lia!”) with some of my Schechter friends who were visiting me for the night.

Sure enough, I received a package, from my parents. My mom feels sorry for me that I don’t get mail, so she’ll occasionally send a card that says, “Hi, you’re a really great person, we miss you!” or something like that.

But it was not a card like that.

I opened the package to find these contents:

Inside the envelope (addressed to “Ms. Lia Lehrer”), there was another envelope with my name on it, a card with a sunflower on it, and a sock–yes, one sock–taped to a piece of cardboard.

The card read: “[printed:] Wishing you sunshine…[written in:] and enough socks! Enjoy winter quarter. We love you. -Mom & Dad”

Apparently, when I did laundry at home the last night of break, I left a sock in the dryer (as I often do). Because I lose a sock almost every time I do laundry, I have quite a sock shortage. My mom, realizing that, wanted to do everything she could to make sure that my feet don’t freeze.

I think that when I was folding laundry at home, however, I noticed that I had an extra sock, and I either threw it away or just didn’t bring it. Why would I bring an extra sock to school? Would the missing sock appear in my dorm room?

Mom and Dad, thanks for the sock. But next time, can you maybe send me two?


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