The messy room: the follow-up post

Before I get to the new developments in the status of the cleanliness of room 101, let me remind you of what my dorm room looked like just two days ago (also see my previous post).

The following picture was staged, but it accurately shows what COULD have happened if room situations had not improved.

Hannah could have fallen off her bed comfortably, without hurting herself, onto her mountain of stuff.

But, alas, that did not happen.

Apparently, my blog entry must have had some impact on Hannah. I came home from band yesterday afternoon to find the room looking like this:

Had the force field reversed itself? Did the room suddenly tip over in the other direction? I could not believe it. Was I on another floor? Was I in a different dorm? Was I at a different campus? If I was, how would my key have worked? I was in shock.

The best part, however, was this note I found on my bed:

I don’t know what to make of all this, but I thought that I should to post it all to be fair.


One thought on “The messy room: the follow-up post

  1. What I like is the fact that due to the fluorescentness of the marker, one can easily spot the note on the bed in picture two.

    I hope that I have as much fun as you do during College, just with my room troubles.

    Now all I need is a digital camera to capture the fun. Or a butterfly net.

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