Distraction-less distraction?

Someone suggested to me the other day that I should write my paper in the study lounge or the library to avoid distractions.

What I have come to realize, though, is that I need those distractions.

When I’m in a blank, quiet room, I can’t help but thinking to myself how blank and quiet it is. I’ll look around, trying to think of other things on my mind. I may fall asleep, but chances are that my paper will not get written. Instead, I will go insane.

I have learned to understand the importance of working in “chunks.” Do a little bit of an essay, go online for a bit. Do a little bit of Hebrew homework, snack for a bit. Do a little bit of neuroscience reading, nap for a LOT. If the phone rings, I’ll answer it. If I get an IM (though lately they’ve been mostly “young 18/f/IL who want to meet me…”), I’ll look at it. If I hear interesting conversations going on next door that I have to strain to eavesdrop, I’ll walk over there to listen. My essays get written, my homework gets done, my reading gets (mostly) done. It’s all about the chunks.

I’ll admit, though, that I only went online once yesterday for five minutes, and not at all today until I completed my paper, and it got done very efficiently. Maybe the key is to do the work in chunks, but not with an away message on?

I should go read my Hebrew Literature book…okay, after this chunk of distraction time.


What do you think?

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