Singing about fruits

I have talked to at least four people in the past few weeks who have never heard the following song:

“I like to eat, eat, eat apples and bananas.
I like to oat, oat, oat opples and bononos.
I like to ite, ite, ite ipples and binihnihs.
I like to ate, ate, ate aypples and banaynays.
I like to out, out, out oupples and bonounous.”

Are they crazy? Am I crazy because I, at 19 years old, still hum (okay, not gonna lie, SING) that song whenever I see, hear about, or eat apples and bananas?


26 thoughts on “Singing about fruits

  1. Um, they are definitely crazy. Everyone knows that song – even us New York snobs. But you are also crazy if you can’t eat an apple or banana without singing an entire rendition of it.

  2. haha like V said..why the hell would you teach your kid a song with words that don’t exist and one that doesn’t make sense! –sy

  3. Ok, number 1: You forgot “I like to oot oot oot, oopples and boonoonoos”
    Number 2: I don’t know who “Sy” is, if that’s even his or her name, which I doubt, but she is verifiably the most linguoppressive (I just coined that) person of whom I have ever read. Sometimes, childhood fun is for the sake of fun itself. In fact, this is usually the case. Nonsense, as it were, is often a staple of the young person’s mind nourishment. In addition, this song teaches not only the values of freedom and liberty in imagination, but also teaches the vowels. In fact, it is far better than the common spanish way of teaching vowels: “A E I O U, El burro sabe mas que tu,” which translates to “A E I O U, The donkey knows more than you.” That is oppressive, similar to you, and not helpful to child development.

    In this age of uncertainty, as we enter an era where even childhood heros such as Cookie Monster are censured for not eating vegetables, it remains important that we remember that there is indeed fun in eating, ating, iting, oating, outing, and ooting (or even, if you dare, Oyting) various fruits.

    Lia, I commend you for continuing to fight the good fight. As the torah states, “Tzedek, Tzedek Tirdof” (“Justice, Justice, Shalt thou pursue”).

    With all respect,
    Nathan Nethen Nithin Nothon Nuthun

  4. 1. Nice comments. I enjoyed hearing you write them on the phone last night.

    2. Really, you can’t make fun of someone for being a word you coined. YOU coined the word, so how would someone know not to do what crime is represented by the word? What does your word even mean?

    3. Some donkeys do know more than you. Remember Balaam’s donkey?

    4. This song also teaches other important values like eating healthful foods, enjoying what you eat, and eating what you enjoy. Good lessons for kids.

    5. Thank you for your comments. It’s always a pleasure to read them.

  5. When you said the “Tarzan song,” all I could think of was “George, George, George of the Jungle, strong as he can be…watch out for that tree!”

    What is the Tarzan song other than “You’ll be in my Heart”?

  6. Wow buddy calm down…we were talking about the song yesterday during lunch and I was repeating a joke one of our friends made. Unfortunately, I am not the so-called “linguoopppresive” individual you seem to think I am. My feelings about this song are apparently not quite as strong as yours are. I personally have nothing against it, and yes Sy is not my real name it’s Syema. Thanks for the lovely comment though.

  7. Wow, way to take a joke and distort it into a symbol of child oppression across the world…


    (To clarify any future confusion, this is not my real name. It is Virginia, and sorry for using a nickname with my friend. I am the one who made the joke. This is because I never heard that song before Lia sang it to me on Thursday. Somehow, I think that I was not an oppressed child, and I seem to have mastered my vowels despite not knowing this apparently vital song.)

    P.S. I liked how you signed your comment “With all respect” even though the whole thing was an attempt to insult someone you don’t even know. Speaking of insults, you forgot the accents on más and tú. Entonces, es posible que el burro sabe más que usted.

  8. Make it 5 people who have never heard of it.

    What’s the melody?

    Is it a generational thing (I am an old friend of your father’s)?

  9. Hi, thanks for reading my blog.

    I was debating recording this song myself for you (and probably hundreds of others who have not yet been blessed by this incredible, educational, and fun song), but I found two partial clips of it on the Internet.



    Each of these two clips give you different parts of the song, sung by different singers. Enjoy!

    And it probably is a generational thing. These kid songs never last very long.

  10. Hahaha. Don’t all things have hidden meanings?

    And touche on the Spanish stuff. Sorry, I didn’t put an accent in touche. I don’t know how. But touche (+ accent).

    What did that sentence mean that you said, for us non-Spanish speakers?

  11. Except that I said MOSTLY definitely, hence my stupidity.

    But, stupidity does not equal craziness so you are definitely the crazy one.

  12. my childhood would not have been the same without raffi and his magical songs. i happen to prefer “baby beluga,” but that’s just me.

  13. Please, “linguoppressive” – One ‘o’ and two ‘p’s only.

    Secondly, being that the opinion does not actually belong to you, I forgive you and apologize for attacking you. Perhaps it was not a personal attack at all, but rather an attack against the linguoppressiveness of the world. For example, in a story I sent Lia (via letter w/chocolate), there was a Chinese kid who was at my school for a week. He was reading a Government book, and because he spoke excellent English, (better than I do) he understood all of it, except, of course, for one word. He pointed at the word and asked his neighbor what it meant. The word was “Democracy.”

    And that is a prime example of linguoppressiveness. And it’s amusing too.

  14. 1. Any time.

    2. Yes I can. And in fact, in stating that ridiculous nonsense, you are linguoppressive! (And what do you mean, “what does it mean?” Figure it out by splitting the word into two parts: Linguopp and ressive. Unfortunately, I have no idea what either of these parts mean.)

    3. Balaam’s donkey was also much older than me, being that it was created at the twilight of creation.

    4. Mmm.

    5. See #1, above.

  15. And I quote “I…apologize for attacking you” (which you said to Syema). So was it an attack or a joke? Because if it was a joke, then I may have distorted it (although it was probably more not getting the joke than distorting it). However, if it was an attack (or a joking attack, which is counted under attack because that would be the main purpose of it) then I did not distort a joke, but attack an attack.

  16. It was an attack. But perhaps I shall clarify.

    It was not an attack in the form of “Attack!” That is to say, it cannot be likened to other attacks, such as the Attack on Pearl Harbor, or the Independence Attack on Israel. No, it is more of an attack in a different, more peaceful manner. Perhaps it could be likened to an “attacking group” in a Substitution Nucleophilic Reaction; where the electrophile (attacking group) attacks, it’s seeking only to join the attackee (being that which it attacks.) See, it is not a violent affair, but rather the opposite.

    In some way, I was that attacking group. As you could find out from Lia, to whom I was talking while commenting, my comment was (jokingly, as I’m sure you can tell from the signature alone) a response to what I thought was absurd: the fact that someone hadn’t heard a song that I thought was a staple of every childhood development struck me as awe-inspiring.

    So therefore, it seems to me that you may have been distorting a joke (depending on whether or not you define an electrophile as an “attacking group” or just an “electophile”) or you may have been attacking (as in Iwo Jima) an attack (as in OH-).


    Calm down. Please. This LiveJournal is a friendly place. Here at lia1031’s blog, we welcome comments and diverse opinions, but attacking specific people (espeically people you don’t know…come on!) will not be tolerated.

    Nathan, Syema, and Virginia are three of my favorite people ever, and if they all lived in the same state they would probably be friends. So please. Be respectful.

    Thank you and have a pleasant evening.

    -The Management

  18. Sy & V, as it were:

    In light of the recent disruptions in our normal discourse from the nosy entity known as “the management,” I propose we unite against this tyranny and throw her out of office.


    This is linguoppression in the form of censorship, and together we can stop it!



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