Playing it safe.

I like to play it safe.

I won’t cross the street unless the next car is minutes away. My passengers must all be buckled in before we leave. I go 35 when the speed limit is 40.

I am comforted by what I know. I do not like it when I am unsure.

At a restaurant, I order my favorite dish–most likely the only thing I’ve ever had there. I don’t like new foods, and I don’t like being pressured into trying them. Most of the foods I like are beige. I will never, ever eat an orange.

I don’t like parties. I have no respect for people who use drugs, and little respect for drinkers. My drink of choice? Water. And when I’m feeling adventurous? Chocolate milk.

I don’t lie, cheat, or steal.

I like long-term relationships. I don’t like anything “random.” I have trained myself not to fall for anyone non-Jewish. I can’t stand drama.

Messes in small spaces bother me.

I like music written 30 years ago. I tell my friends what bands I like, and they say, “Oh, my parents love them.” I can’t do homework with music on. I like silence. And when someone else’s music near me is blasted too loud, I can’t handle it. Especially when I’m driving, or thinking.

I can’t function without naps.

I like solid-colored t-shirts, skirts that cover my knees, and gym shoes. I still fit into some of my clothes from eighth grade, which is fine, because I actually liked the style of clothes back then. I choose comfort over looks, as long as I fit in with what everybody else is wearing. My idea of a “nice top” is a shirt without words on it. I don’t like pink, ruffles, tube tops, or stilettos.

I love to-do lists. I loooove to-do lists.

I don’t like spiders, ants, or other annoying pests that crawl or fly. Please kill them for me, as I don’t like killing them myself. Horses smell funny and hurt my butt. I’m not necessarily in love with dogs or cats, unless they’re really cute and are either really far away or are on a calendar. I don’t particularly like being shed on, having my leg humped, or being licked.

Call me straight-edge. Call me boring. But this is who I am. Make fun of me, pressure me to do things I don’t want to do, laugh at me. Or, live with it. I know I do.


15 thoughts on “Playing it safe.

  1. Alcohol is a drug. I don’t see why people who choose this drug should receive any more respect than people who choose other drugs.

  2. Yeah, so we better get the majority of the human population that has ever lived to rehab fast cause they’re all a bunch of addicts.

  3. This would be true only for alcoholics.

    In addition, caffeine is a drug, as are many other substances that you use on a daily basis.

    We can agree that the difference in respect has to do with severity or illegality. Unless you have no respect for yourself because you drink a coke or coffee.

  4. Most of my reactions to this entry:

    I drive 60 in the nearby 35, because I know I can.
    I also rarely try new foods, but I usually like what I try. In actuality, there are few foods that I won’t eat.
    What about a clementine?
    I had chocolate milk this morning.
    I can’t do homework without music. When my music stops, so does my brain.

  5. Illegality? I’m sorry you can’t create your own morals, and you have to subscribe to what the government believes.

  6. Which explains why I also offered ‘severity.’

    However, being that our government is representative, it should somewhat correspond to our moral system.

    Or are you so skeptical that you would believe the government is absolute evil?

  7. you’re awesome. i completely respect those who have the courage to stand up for themselves and not bend their values or morals in the face of pressure. please stay that way, because hardly anyone is like that anymore.

  8. Wow. I’m sorry you’ve had some bad experiences with a few drunk people, but let’s not kill off most of the world because they want to have a beer or a glass of wine every once in a while.
    Compared to rest of the world, the USA is a very uptight country when it comes to things like alcohol. Most of the world can drink by the time they turn 18. It’s not considered a big deal. Here, we put drinking on this pedestal of forbidden things, so naturally people go a bit crazy when they get away from their parents and are exposed to this forbidden thing flowing freely for the first time.

    Wine and other alcohols play important parts of the ceremonies of many major religions. The ancient Greeks and Romans, the most advanced civilizations of their time, drank wine at almost every meal from a very early age and their royalty were known for throwing quite the party every once in a while. Beer has been a dietary staple in many European countries since the middle ages.

    I don’t drink because people forced me too, I drink because I like it. I like trying different concoctions. If I don’t like the taste, then I won’t have it again. It’s a good way to relax, to be more social around people. I drink an amount that I am comfortable with and then stop.

    If you don’t want to drink, that’s fine. It’s your choice. But you have no right to look down on people that do, especially those that drink responsibly. Don’t confuse casual drinking with alcoholism.

  9. We have the electoral college because if we got rid of it candidates would only campaign in large population centers and ignore the rest of the country.
    And anyway, the president is the only official elected by electoral college. Your representative was a elected by a popular vote of people in your district and should therefore represent the majority views of the people in your district. Your senators are the same way but for the entire state.

    Maybe you disagree with what our government is currently doing, but that doesn’t mean it’s not representative. It’s all part of the democratic bargain. Your candidate/ideas were not in the majority in the last election. Too bad. Better luck next time.

  10. I wrote something about that once, but hell if I’m gonna search the internet trying to find it.

    In short, it said that the Electoral College protects special interests.

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