Which black dress should Lia pick?

Everyone needs a little black dress.

I didn’t have one, and I have a few formals coming up at school. So I went on a search.

At a store yesterday, I found THREE dresses that I liked. It is a very rare occurrence when I find ONE article of clothing that I like.

So, I need your help! Help me pick which little black dress I should keep. I may or may not be allowed to keep two of the three. They are all very reasonably priced (all less than $60).

(And, as you can see, I was having a little bit of what I like to call “Phun with Photoshop.”)

So, vote here on which dress is your favorite!


32 thoughts on “Which black dress should Lia pick?

  1. Definitely Number 1 — everyone has dresses two and three and you won’t stop receiving compliments on the first, ever.

    love you!!!


  2. Dress #1 is the most unusual and interesting of the three. I agree with the other Rachel who commented that other people have dresses similar to #2 and #3, but with #1 you will be unique. It is very classy but also different from your typical halter.

    Dress #2 is the most practical, in my opinion. It looks from the pictures that it is an extremely simple and classic halter dress that could be dressed up or down easily, and could be used for any occasion.

    Dress # 3 is probably the most elegant. It is also simple and classic but the little detail on the strap makes it kind of different than other similar dresses. And you will probably get use out of the dress for many years, because it won’t go out of style.

    So… I vote for any of the three. I think #2 and #3 will be more useful/multipurpose than #1, but #1 is by far the most interesting and it is very grown up and flattering as well. If you can keep two, I would say don’t keep both halters – it will be more useful having one halter and one spagetti strap.

    If I end up at your house later this week, may I look at them in person so as to make a more educated decision?

  3. I like number 2 best. But I don’t think it’s because of the dress. I think it’s because it’s on that blue background, and the green background makes you look ugly and the orange background hurts my eyes.

    So in reality, who knows which dress is best, but you don’t look good on puke green.

  4. I LOVE number two. The other two are also lovely, but number two gives your body a beautiful shape.

    Or should I say, it accentuates your body’s beautiful shape?

    Also, I like it’s neckline the best. The upper chest and shoulders are a very attractive part of a woman’s body, and number two shows them off best without being obvious.

  5. No, it has nothing to do with you – other than your choice in photoshop colors. It’s entirely the green.

    Also the blue background is aesthetically pleasing.

  6. Thanks for all your votes, so far. It’s great that you have all fulfilled your civic duty by voting today, election day (at least in Illinois).

    I love hearing your comments!

  7. ok, so, Maham votes for dress #1 because of the subtle bling and the ruffled side which is very slimming. runner-up=dress #3; I dont like dress #2. ok, that’s all!
    yours truly

  8. Three little black dresses?


    Silly, Lia. There’s only three of them–not even enough for every day of the week so, if anything, you need more.

    They’re all different and can be used for different things (and just think, different guys! hahahahahaha).

    But in all seriousness, for the price you paid, it is completely worth it. Usually, a single black dress is more than $150. You can have three for that price? Again I say: KEEP THEM ALL!

  9. different guys Shari? i might have an objection, lol. as the boyfriend i vote 1 and 2. i dont really know why cause fashion is not my forte and i’d like you no matter what u were wearing but they are my formals.


  10. Haha. I’m not exactly sure what Shari meant by that. She’s crazy sometimes.

    So, are you voting for the first two because you saw them first? Or do you actually like them better? I wanna hear your reasoning.

    True, they are your formals. But also true, you seem to be voting without any fashion-related reasoning.

  11. Lia, are you actually tallying up these votes? Or just enjoying the humorous responses of your friends? Because if you are tallying, I’m rather curious which dress is winning.

    I myself am just enjoying the responses, but then again, they aren’t my dresses.

  12. I am definitely enjoying the humourous responses. That’s what I love about this journal.

    Here are the votes so far (if people voted for more than one, I only counted one of their votes):

    1 vote for “sexy mama!”
    2 votes for “keep them all”

    In third place, with 2 votes: Dress #3
    In second place, with 6 votes: Dress #2
    And, in first place, with 8 votes: Dress #1!

    Thanks so much for all your votes so far! Keep ’em coming!! And stop commenting anonymously!

  13. Alright, everyone. The results are in.

    As your votes suggested, I am keeping Dress #1 and Dress #2. It breaks my heart to say goodbye to Dress #3, but I’m sure that another young girl will buy it and love it the way it deserves to be loved.

    You all rock for voting. Seriously.

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