I’d like a Big Mac with a side of brussel sprouts.

The phrase “Would you like fries with that?” may be placed on the backburner.

It is being replaced with, “Would you like chips or carrots?”

At recent visits to Cosi and Panera, I have discovered a new phenomenon: America is finally starting to become health-conscious.

Cosi and Panera are two sandwich chains, both of which have stores close to the Northwestern campus. At Cosi, when I ordered a sandwich, I had the choice of chips or carrots. Panera offered me four choices with my sandwich: a French baguette, a whole wheat baguette, chips, or an apple.

And apparently, McDonald’s, Wendy’s, and other fast food stores are also offering more healthful options.

What is this country coming to?

I’m not saying that I’m the healthiest person ever. And really, I’m not going to pick the healthful option each time (at Cosi I got the carrots and at Panera I got the French baguette: You win some, you lose some). But it’s just nice to know that if I want it, I can have it.

Kudos to you, American food joints. Together, we can fry unhealthful foods.


One thought on “I’d like a Big Mac with a side of brussel sprouts.

  1. Our Adventures at Cosi by Nathan Miller:

    “I’m hungry,” claimed Francie, her mouth watering as we entered the bus. “Let’s go to the Cosi near the hotel.”
    “Yes! Let’s do just that!” agreed Aaron, eager for eats.
    “What,” question Nathan, “is Cosi?”
    “It’s a sandwich shop,” explained Francie.
    Shortly later, the bus stopped at the Marriot Metro Hotel. The three ran over to the nearby Cosi, obeying all traffic laws. They entered patiently, but were soon confused by the odd layout of the room. Finally, they found the place to order.
    “I wonder if they have bread bowls,” Nathan wondered in wonderment.
    “I think I’ll get a grilled cheese sandwich,” Aaron decided.
    “I love grilled cheese,” exclaimed both Francie and Nathan. Nathan continued, “If they don’t have bread bowls, that’s what I’ll get.”
    And indeed, because they had no bread bowls, that’s just what he did get. Indeed, all three friends got grilled cheese: Aaron’s had the most cheese. They ate their sandwiches malcontentedly.
    “I can’t believe this was eight dollars!” exclaimed Nathan. “The carrots are radio-active colored! When I first saw them, I thought it was a toy, because it looks like Gak!”
    Francie and Aaron agreed. Nathan vowed never to return to Cosi.


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