Don’t eat your friends!

The other night at the Kosher section of a dining hall, the dinner option was lamb stew.

I don’t like lamb stew, or anything lamb-related.

It was then that I decided that I will not eat anything that is an animal that I have a stuffed animal of that shares a bed with me.

I have a teddy bear at home. I also refuse to eat bear.

The same rule applies for animals that share a bed with my roommate, since these animals are therefore sharing a room with me:

Yeah, I really hate it when the dining hall serves frog. And it’s been years since I’ve had a really good mermaid sandwich.


3 thoughts on “Don’t eat your friends!

  1. appreciative chuckle to mermaid sandwich. Tell your roommate the lil merm is what’s gotten me through college this far.

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